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Meet some of our Plantain Farmers

Our Plantain Farmers-04


Jose Mina 

Jose Mina is a passionate farmer whose pride for his plantains is as big as his love of the land. He owns a 1.3 hectares farm in Quimbaya, in the Central Andes of Colombia. He produces around 390 kg green plantains weekly. "I have strict controls to make sure my plantains are planted, grown and harvested with the utmost attention to detail and quality", says Jose. “I hope you enjoy our chips and please recommend them to your friends”.  


Gerardo Franco

Gerardo Franco is the manager of a small plantain farm in Anserma, in the Central Andes of Colombia. He is a family oriented, dedicated man who has been in the plantain business since he was only 15 years old. He believes in openness, in the capacity to overcome obstacles, and in the ability of his plantains to bring people together and celebrate a versatile fruit that in Colombian food appears in almost everything from appetizers to desserts.


Oscar Tulio Rivera

Plantain growing helped Oscar Tulio Rivera to recover his own personal dignity and hope after his father was forcibly disappeared and then murdered 10 years ago in a small town in Antioquia (in the central northwestern part of Colombia). "I’m very happy to show the positive face of Colombia through Pacifico Plantain Chips.Their great taste is not only the result of an adequate preparation process but also the dedication of honest farmers like me", says Oscar. 

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