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Colombian Plantains: The best plantains in the world

Plantains are relatively unknown in Europe, but in Central and South America and in parts of Africa, plantains are much loved as a staple food. Although they come from the same family as the banana, plantains have all-important differences.


- are thicker and firmer;

- are lower in sugar and richer in starch;

- need to be cooked before they can be eaten;

- may be consumed at every stage of ripeness;

- like the potato, are usually part of the main course or a delicious side dish.

In turn, Colombian Plantains have unique attributes due to the country’s great environmental offer and the hard work and dedication of plantain growing families. Here you can learn what makes 100% Colombian Plantains the richest plantains in the world!

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The Andes Mountains which divide and cross our country from south to north, separate the Amazon basin from the Colombian Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. The mountains, the oceans’ impact and the Amazon create exceptional climate conditions and rain patterns that enable tip-top conditions to harvest plantains all year long.

The volcanic origin of our soil, the altitudes in which plantains are produced in Colombia and the proximity to the equatorial line, confer additional balanced attributes to Colombian Plantains. Their outstanding sweet flavor, texture and size have been recognized by the global food industry.


Our dedicated plantain growers

The quality of Colombian Plantains is not only derived from the particular environmental conditions of our country; it is also a result of the commitment and dedication of Colombian Plantains growers and their organizations.

Colombian Plantains are carefully selected by the growers from the moment in which a variety from the Musa Paradisiaca species is chosen and planted in their farms. In order to make the appropriate choice, Colombian Plantain growers count on the scientific research of AUGURA (theColombian Banana Growers Association) and the support of CORPOICA (Colombian Organization for Agricultural Research). Thanks to this support small plantain growers have access to the best techniques for cultivating healthy and productive plantain crops.

When harvest time arrives, the producers carefully and patiently pick up by hand the plantain bunches in order to reduce mechanical damage and preserve the fruit quality. Although this takes an additional effort in the difficult topology of the Andes Mountains, Colombian Plantain producers know well the fragile and perishable nature of the plantain fruits. Plantain producers usually carry out the post-harvesting processes on their farms. A number of activities take place at this stage, and all of them involve additional layers of selection and elimination of defective plantain fruits. All of this to deliver the full quality and values of Colombian Plantains!


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