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Our value chain approach


By working closely with value chain partners and other key stakeholders, Pacifico has raised its sustainability targets across the entire value chain: At the front-end, in the harvesting of our premium plantains, design and manufacturing of our products and packaging; and also in the systematic recovery of valuable materials once the consumer is finished with our product or package.

pacifico growersWe contribute to the wellbeing of our plantain growers

We pay a fair and stable price to farmers. We also establish direct trade relationships based on trust and respect. Moreover, we promote independence, education and positive work conditions.


pacifico workers

We contribute to the wellbeing of our workers

We create quality employment at the manufacturing level for a very vulnerable segment of the poor: unskilled female-headed 

households who are aged more than 40 years. In Colombia, as in most developing countries, a staggering high percentage of these women have an income bellow the poverty line and very few opportunities to participate in the formal labour market. Therefore, the stability and regularity of a formal job is literally life changing not only for them, but also for all family members.


We contribute to the wellbeing of our supplierspacifico suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers to achieve greater efficiencies, reduce costs and improve our products and packaging performance.



pacifico retailers

We contribute to the wellbeing of our retailers and distributors

We developed procedures and quality systems which ensure compliance with demanding food safety regulations and buyer requirements. Therefore, our retailers and distributors are able to reach and retain more customers, generating positive brand or corporate value, and achieving greater corporate sustainability.


pacifico consumersWe contribute to the wellbeing of our consumers

We are committed to use only industry-respected best practices and can ensure the safety and quality of our great-tasting, all-natural snacks.


pacifico communityWe contribute to the wellbeing of the community in which we operate

We strive to eliminate or minimize the effects of any activities that would have a negative impact on the local community in which we operate. Since we're one of the few companies in this community we pay taxes that are of big importance for the local government. Plus, most of our employees come from the surrounding area.


pacifico planetWe contribute to the wellbeing of our planet

We are committed to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment in general and the planet's climate in particular. This means providing support for the implementation of sustainable farming practices, putting into practice a smarter use of energy, fostering efficient modes of transport, reducing waste and using water wisely.


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