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Pacifico Snacks S.A.S. is a woman-owned and operated private-label snack manufacturer based in Colombia.

We formulate, package, label and ship all-natural tropical chips, both fried and crunchy dried, to specialty food retailers and wholesalers looking to sell their own line of snack products, driving growth and value to their brand.

Supporting snacking brands since 2011, we aim to listen carefully to what our customers want – then respond by creating exciting snack ideas to meet changing tastes and expectations. We’re passionate about our all-natural, non-gmo and gluten free products and proud of what we do.

We’re famous for the world’s most flavorsome sweet plantain chips, the very best you can buy! Since recently we added to our portfolio crunchy dried mango, pineapple and banana chips with the same great flavor and crunchy texture of our regular plantain chips, but with literally 0g of fat. It is possible thanks to a state of the art baking line that is called microwave vacuum drying (not freeze drying but also not traditional air drying).

This new generation of chips deliver mind-blowing taste, extraordinary aroma, and more nutritional benefits than ever before.

Still run by our founder, Juliana Botero, our purpose-built factory and staff continue to uphold our commitment to quality, service and innovation. Our customers include best-selling food brands from the US.

Whether our customers are well established, or just starting out, our team can help. Production trials can start at 12,000 bags, accommodating small batch sizes and we can grow with your company to produce over ten million bags a year.

Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to hear from you. 

Guaranteed project success

Product development: Besides quality and innovation, superior ingredients, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art facility; at Pacifico Snacks you'll get dedication to the success of your project and commitment to deliver plantain chips that match your respective market.

Food safety and quality standards: Our production team is devoted to ensure that your products are both safe and consistent and meet our quality standards.

Social and environmental consciousness: We care for the well-being of our plantain growers, workers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and consumers; and have a real commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment..

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